Out-patient services hit as doctors in Mysuru go on strike

Emergency services and COVID-19 treatments were not affected

The day-long strike by allopathy doctors on Friday affected healthcare services across Mysuru on Friday with the private medical practitioners joining the Indian Medical Association (IMA) in protesting against the Centre’s move allowing the Ayurveda doctors to perform surgeries just like the practitioners of modern medicine.

The striking doctors claimed that all non-essential healthcare services were hit barring the emergency cases and COVID-19 treatments. Despite the IMA’s claim, the strike did not elicit support from government doctors or medical officers, who functioned as usual.

By and large, all major and minor private health clinics remained shut and doctors of most private hospitals bycotted non-essential services in support of the concerns expressed by the modern medicine practitioners on the decision taken to integrate different forms of medicine with the allopathy system.

While the OPDs at the private hospitals had been disrupted, there was heavy rush of patients at the State-run K.R. Hospital. Other government hospitals functioned as usual and the OPDs operated as usual with extra rush.

Patients were seen returning to their homes after many private hospitals had put up boards saying “No Out Patient Services” today.

The emergency services, COVID-19 treatment, labour and emergency surgeries had been exempted from the dawn-to-dusk strike.

IMA Mysuru President Anandravi told The Hindu that the strike, in response to the call from the national body of IMA to oppose the Centre’s decision, evoked good response.

He said other associations of doctorssupported the strike.

The IMA and members of other associations of the doctors later staged a demonstration outside the IMA office on Sayyaji Rao Road here in support of their demands.

The protesting doctors later submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through the district administration seeking withdrawal of the notification.

“We appeal in the greater interest of the public and the other systems of medicine to either scrap the government notification or thoroughly modify it,” said the IMA memorandum.

The memorandum said IMA is for purity of all systems of medicine and does not support “mixing of all medicine systems”. “Each system of medicine should be easily identifiable by the public by specific prefixes like Dr for allopathy, Vaidya for Ayurveda, Hakeem for Unani and Homeo for Homeopaths. The research and developments should happen in their respective fields of medicine and each one should follow their own system of medicine,” they argued.

“The government should do its best to safeguard the purest form of the ancient treasures of traditional Indian medicine. The idea of establishing the AYUSH Ministry by the Government of India was to maintain the identity, encourage education and research in our age old traditional Indian science. However, the gazette notification dated November 20, 2020 destroys this identity,” the IMA stated.


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