‘NIT-T keen on projecting a multi-disciplinary outlook as advocated by NEP 2020’

NIT-Tiruchi (NIT-T) deems the start of MA programme in English literature from 2020-21 as a reflection of its conformity to the emphasis made in the National Education Policy 2020 for dismantling barriers between arts, science and technology programmes.

With its motto ‘locally relevant, globally competitive’, envisaging technology development for the local community, the NIT-T was moving towards having a multi-disciplinary outlook, Mini Shaji Thomas, Director, said. In alignment with NEP 2020, NIT-T aims to start online programmes for large-scale enrolment of students for optimal use of infrastructure and resources, and for the creation of vibrant multidisciplinary communities, Prof. Mini said, referring to the advice given by the Central Government that all higher education institutions (HEIs) shall aim to become multidisciplinary institutions and shall aim to have larger student enrolments preferably in thousands, by 2040.

The provision given in NEP 2020 for multiple exit options – certification at the end of first year, diploma after two years, and degree after completion of four years – will kindle the interest of students to enroll for the courses with a primary focus to learn, Prof. Mini Shaji Thomas said.

In keeping with the Central Government’s aim to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education from 26.3% (2018) to 50% by 2035, the NIT-T had begun implementing the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) quota from 2019 onwards for undergraduate programmes. For Ph.D. programmes, it will be implemented from 2020, she said.

NIT-T was in the process of implementing a system that requires all fresh Ph.D. entrants, irrespective of discipline, to take credit-based courses in teaching/education/pedagogy/writing related to their chosen Ph.D subject during their doctoral training period. Ph.D students will also have a minimum number of hours of actual teaching experience gathered through teaching assistantships and other means. This policy will help Ph.D students to grasp requirements of teaching profession before they graduate, the NIT-T Director said.

The institute will also implement a fast-track promotion system for recognising high impact research and contribution, she said.

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