New Student Council voted in


A democratic process is followed for electing the Student Council members [Grades 7-10] as well as the Junior Student Council members [Grade 5] at RBHS, Malad. The elections for the Student Council as well as the Junior Student Council members were held on June 22, 2018. Students from Grades 3-10 participated and voted for the school leaders. The process was a way of student empowerment, as students applied the ink on the young voters and managed the voting process.


The call of the bugle marked the beginning of the Investiture Ceremony on Friday, July 13, 2018. This ceremony saw the newly elected Student Council and Junior Student Council members being invested with their sashes and badges. Mrs Shweta Chaudhary- Mrs India [Earth] 2017, also chosen as Mrs Eco International 2018, was the Chief Guest. The Special Invitee was Dr Iyer, CEO, IDF [Indian Development Foundation] who inspired the students with his words of wisdom. The Principal, Ms Padmaja Kutty, stated that leadership is about a life that leads by example. By walking your talk, you become a person who others want to follow.

The Felicitation of Grade 10 students was also held on the same day. The Grade 10 students and parents expressed their gratitude for the support received from the school to help them carve a niche of their own. The students were given a token of appreciation by the school for achieving success.

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