Man steals milk packets at Avadi TNHB complex

CCTV footage clears residents’ doubt

Some residents the Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) complex in Avadi complain that most mornings milk packets are missing from the bags kept in front of their homes.

According to them, there are over 6,000 houses in the Avadi TNHB complex. Over the past few days the milk packets, that are dropped in the bags by the milkman, go missing.

“This has been happening for many months. But many were under the assumption that the milk man was not delivering the packets properly,” said Ganesh Babu, a social activist living in the housing board complex.

On Saturday, some of the residents complained to the milk man and he said that he had been delivering it every day. “We then checked the CCTV footage and to our surprise we found a man, with his face covered, stealing the milk packets from the bag,” he added.

The man is seen walking in around 6.30 a.m. Residents suspect that he targets different houses every day. “If the theft is happening from a particular house every fortnight, the resident will be under the impression that the milk has not been delivered on that particular day. Hence no one suspected theft till date,” he added.

After the CCTV footage was shared on their message sharing platform, many complained of similar experience. “As of now we have not complained to the police. But we will do so soon. We will also try to nab the thief ourselves. He must be from the neighbouring area,” said A. Dharanidharan, organiser, Avadi TNHB Kootamaipu Sangam.

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