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Do you have a turtle as a pet? The name you should choose for it is obviously “Phleggy”. It is from the word “Phlegmatic” which means, “not easily excited to action or display of emotion; apathetic; sluggish." Turtles do stand for these qualities, don’t they?

Those who own puppies know how energetic these young ones can be. The bigger the breed, the more excitable it is. So, why not call it Rambo? That should be your next puppy’s name. Rambo, by the way, sounds like it is short for “rambunctious”, doesn’t it? Now check out the meaning of the word “rambunctious” in the dictionary.

How about cats? Cats have their own agenda. Cats do what they want, when they want. They may be cuddly and purr when you stroke them, but their mind is always one step ahead plotting the next catch. So, why not call it Surrey, which is short for surreptitious, meaning "acting in a stealthy way."

Hamsters are rather shy creatures. They do warm up to humans around them, but they are more likely to hide themselves when they see one nearby. So, what is the perfect name for hamsters? Demi, short for demure. You don’t often see people saying how smart their pet rats are, but pet rats can be very cute too! These guys are loyal and affectionate, and grooming is important for them. So, “Preen”, which rhymes with “clean” can be a perfect label for them. You have a couple of rats to be named? Go for “Preen” and “Clean” or “Preen” and “Prink”. Do you know what that wonderful rat was called in the movie
? This chef rat’s name was Remy.

Have a little goldfish cruising around the glass tank? If you call it Oscar, short for “oscillate”, you can’t go wrong. Your pet is a bird? And it is a “blabber”? Then naming it is easy: call it Gary, short for “garrulous.” The snake in
The Jungle Book
was called “Kha”, but considering their smooth skin and ability to slide off, pet snakes deserve to be called “lithe”.

Rabbits are cute and flouncy, no doubt, but they are also very fast. Since rabbits have these two distinct (yet different) qualities, you can choose between “Bunny” and “Speedy/Speedo.”

If you belong to a farming family and have pet pigs, you know how cute these pot-bellied animals can be. They’re also intelligent, easy to train, and don’t cause allergies (cats and dogs do). One special quality they have is – they are curious little creatures, and can sometimes cause destruction, especially if they live inside your house. So call them “Dickens.” It means "devil or deuce" and it’s the name of a classic author. Sure, you can also opt for “Corey” – short for “corpulent.”

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