KIIFB approves ₹61.92-crore projects in Dharamadam

Parapuram regulator to prevent ingress of salt water through Anjarakandy river

The Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) has approved three projects costing ₹61.92 crore to be implemented in Dharmadam constituency represented in the Assembly by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

The projects are the construction of the ₹46.37-crore Parapuram regulator, ₹13.86-crore Cherukkal Kottam bridge, and the ₹1.69-crore Andalurkavu Heritage Tourism project.

The Parapuram regulator will be constructed across the Anjarakandy river by connecting the Parappram section of Pinarayi panchayat and the Mavillai area of ​​Peralassery panchayat.

The project is aimed at preventing the loss of crops by the ingress of salt water, increasing agricultural production by storing fresh water, and preventing contamination of drinking water by salt water.

The areas under Pinarayi panchayat, Mavilai in Peralassery panchayat, Makreri village, Pathriyadu of Vengadu panchayat, Paduvillai village and parts of Keezhalloor panchayat will be covered under the project.

The need for a regulator has been a long-pending demand of the people in the area. The Chief Minister took interest in the project and included it in the State budget.

The Detailed Project Report prepared by the Department of Irrigation was approved after completing all inspections. The two banks of the regulator will be secured by constructing a wall as the regulator is built. The work is scheduled to begin in September.

KIIFB approved a ₹13.86-crore for the Cherikal-Kottam bridge linking Pinarayi and the Peralassery panchayats. The bridge will be 230 metres long with 12 spans, and 11-metre-wide sidewalks on both sides. An approach road of 185 metre-length from Cherika and 335 m from Kottam will be constructed .

Work is scheduled to begin in September and the project will be completed in 18 months.

Similarly, the Andalurkavu pilgrimage project in Dharmadam constituency which is part of the Thalassery Heritage Tourism Project, has been approved with a sanction of ₹1.69 crore. The project envisages constructing a roof, providing lighting, street development, installing fire alarm and security cameras as part of the project.

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