Kashmir’s preachers set up ‘halal’ food certification board, name Mirwaiz as head

It will ensure practices relating to slaughtering and food manufacture are followed, they say.

The conglomerate of Kashmir’s religious preachers, J&K Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU), on Thursday set up a J&K ‘halal’ food certification board and nominated Hurriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq as its head.

“The participants unanimously emphasised the need for such certification. There was a consensus that as mechanical slaughter houses, cutting and packing plants and food processing and manufacturing units are coming up across J&K, a certification board comprising Islamic scholars needs to be formed,” a spokesman of the MMU said.

The spokesman said this will ensure that halal practices relating to slaughtering and food manufacture are followed and “people are provided with halal, hygienic and pure food”.

“This will greatly help the local manufacturers in export of these items to Muslims countries and among the Muslim populace in other countries,” the spokesman said.

The MMU members, according to the spokesman, unanimously agreed and constituted “The Jammu & Kashmir Halal Certification Board” under the patronage of MMU head Mirwaiz Farooq.

“Due to the Mirwaiz’s continued house arrest, he could not attend the crucial meeting. It was decided that members of the board will include a mufti from each Islamic school of thought,” the spokesman said.

The Board has decided to “inspect the slaughter house plants and food processing and manufacturing outlets here”.

All the local owners of slaughter houses and packing units of the dressed animals and food manufacturing and processing outlets and factories should contact the board to get the certification, the MMU said.

The Board will function from the central MMU office at the Mirwaiz Manzil in Srinagar’s Rajouri Kadal.

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