Inculcate moral values in children

It is clearly understood that schools have the prime responsibility of moulding students into future leaders and good Samaritans. Today, the society distracts children in many ways, making it difficult task for schools to shape them as future leaders. However, it is possible to groom students. The only way is to inculcate in them moral values which many are slowly forgetting.

Many schools have a Moral Science period in their timetable but they use it for completing the portions. This should be corrected. We should share with students, stories about religious tolerance, the habit of sharing, lending a helping hand for the needy, etc. We should also take them on orphanage visits which will make them understand the value of what they have. Once they understand all these, the difficult task becomes a simple task.

M.C. Venkatesan

Vijayalakshmi Mat Hr Sec school, Sirumugai

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