If more people were happy, litigation would end: Gogoi

CJI attends inaugural session of ‘happiness conference’ organised by Delhi govt.

Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi on Wednesday said that if India had more happy people, the problem of litigation would be over.

“There will be no cases, because everybody would be happy,” Mr. Gogoi said.

The CJI was speaking at the inaugural session of a ‘happiness conference’ organised by the Delhi government as a part of its Happiness Utsav to celebrate a year since the launch of happiness classes in Delhi government schools.

Mr. Gogoi said that he was happy that the new generation was being taught to be mindful and said that there was a need for the country to work towards increasing its position on the global happiness index.

“I have seriously thought about this… we should perhaps have happiness classes in our judicial academies also,” Mr. Gogoi said.

He added that the happiness classes was a big achievement and a brilliant idea. “Without happiness, education can never be complete. There is a serious problem with the younger generation. They are a dejected lot, unhappy seeing what is happening around us. It is very important that this curriculum is carried to its fullest extent, perhaps introduced in schools across India,” he said.

“Catch them young when they are still open. Teach them to be happy. Teach them the values,” he added.

‘True nation-building’

Speaking at the conference, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Happiness Curriculum is not just another government scheme and called it “true nation-building as the future of the nation was being built in schools”.

“The success of the programme is a feeling that eight lakh students of Delhi government schools experience every single day. Every parent is observing this change,” he said.

Talking about spreading the happiness curriculum across the country, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said: “We are working on a certificate course for those who want to start the Happiness Curriculum in different parts of the country and the World. We feel the need for this as India’s position on the World Happiness Index has dropped from 118 to 140. Our dream is that India should be on top of this list.”

The conference was attended by the education Ministers from Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Telangana, apart from the Executive Councillor Education of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council and advisor to the Nagaland government.

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