Haryana CM Khattar’s remark against Sonia Gandhi draws Congress ire

His remarks are a clear reflection of his and the BJP’s disrespectful attitude towards women, says All India Mahila Congress president Sushmita Dev.

The Congress on Monday demanded an unconditional apology from Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for making a derogatory remark against Congress president Sonia Gandhi and asserted that the comments showed “BJP’s disrespectful attitude towards women”.

The Delhi unit of the All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) will also protest outside the BJP office here on Monday against Mr. Khattar’s remarks.

On Sunday, Mr. Khattar made some strong remarks against the Gandhi family while commenting on the turmoil within the Congress after Rahul Gandhi’s resignation as party president following the Lok Sabha defeat.

“Pappu announced it and resigned…They started searching with a torch…looking for a non-Gandhi family… After three months, they made Sonia Gandhi the president….They dug up a mountain and what came out was a dead rat…Because they can see nothing beyond Sonia, Rahul and the Gandhi family,” Mr. Khattar said at a rally in Kaithal.

Hitting back at the Haryana Chief Minister, the Congress said the statement showed the ‘anti-women character’ of the BJP.

“His remarks against the Congress president are deplorable and unparliamentary, it is a clear reflection of his and the BJP’s disrespectful attitude towards women. Lowering the discourse is an attempt to divert attention from the real issues that are being evaded like joblessness and acute economic slowdown,”said former Lok Sabha member and AIMC president Sushmita Dev in a statement.

“Can anyone deny that Haryana has become the rape capital of India? Kidnapping and abduction are also on the rise. CM of Haryana has no answers to the real issues that are adversely impacting the people of Haryana, especially the women,” she said.

Ms. Dev claimed that Haryana had the fourth highest crime rate in the country and there was a shocking manpower shortage in the police force.

“At 27%, the shortfall is the highest among the northern States, and almost 4 times as high as the deficit in Punjab,” Ms. Dev said.

“We in the Congress are committed to upholding dignity in public life but as a woman I take offence to the disgraceful remark made and demand an unconditional apology,” she added.

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