Greater Noida: Tenders for works worth ₹21 crore tenders to be awarded for maintenance of green belt, parks

GREATER NOIDA: The Greater Noida industrial development authority (GNIDA) has said that it is likely to hire contractors to carry out works of a total of ₹21 crore for the maintenance of a green belt, plants on road dividers and city parks, among other public spaces.

The authority had in October 2020, floated a tender for these works to select an agency or a contractor that will take care of the maintenance of parks, green belts and other green areas across the city. On Thursday, it selected 23 small agencies, which will carry out works of ₹7.45 crore, and it is likely to select other agencies in the next one month’s time.

“The authority awarded contracts of ₹7.45 crore on Thursday out of a total of ₹21 crore, of which tenders are out. The authority is likely to select a contractor and award the work for the remaining budget in future,” said Deep Chandar, additional chief executive officer of the Greater Noida authority.

The authority had issued tenders for a total of 44 works of a budget of ₹21 crore. And now it wants to finalise the names of remaining works so that the maintenance of plants, lawns and green belts can be taken care of properly.

The works of the ₹7.45 crore budget pertain to maintenance of parks in sector Alpha-I, II, Ecotech 1 and 130 metres wide-road green area, among other works related with maintenance of green zones across the city.

The authority’s chief executive officer has also directed the staff to make sure that all contractors, who work for these projects, must display their names, mobile numbers and other details on a board to be put at the park, green belt or other site, where the particular work has been done. Residents can call at these numbers and monitor the work to help in maintaining the quality of the work.

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