Gold smuggling unabated

Tight vigil and seizures of gold from smugglers at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamsahabad, do not seem to be deterring people from attempting to smuggle gold. In fact, the amount of gold that was seized by Customs department in the past one month is a quarter of the total amount seized during the financial year 2018-19.

While 10165.77 grams of gold worth ₹319.82 lakhs was seized from April 1 to May 7, a total of 40,195.3 grams of gold worth ₹1,274.16 lakhs was seized during 2018-19.

Officials from the Customs department who held a press meet on Wednesday stated that total worth of the gold, foreign currency, Indian currency, cigarettes and miscellaneous electronics seized from March to Tuesday is ₹353.36 lakh. The five persons who were arrested for the offence were nationals of our country.

From May 2 to May 6, a total of seven cases were detected. In one case, detected by Air Intelligence Unit of the Customs department on May 2, a passenger, Shaik Abdul Qayoom, who arrived from Dubai, concealed gold in check-in baggage by disguising it as belt buckles, purse rings and copper coated flowers. On further frisking, his belt buckle too was found to be gold. Total weight of the gold was 655 grams.

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