Goa Governor asks students at convocation to promise not to break up their marriages

“Youngsters need to know the art of making families work,” she said.

Goa Governor Mridula Sinha, who is also the Chancellor of Goa University, accorded a five-pronged pledge to students at their convocation ceremony on Saturday, making them promise to not break up their marriages over trivial issues, protect women in distress, keep away from drugs, not to send their parents to old age homes and maintain cleanliness.

Ms. Sinha administered the pledge during her address at the 30th annual convocation of Goa University, in the presence of President Ram Nath Kovind and Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, during which the students who had assembled to collect their medals and degree certificates, had to raise their hands in acknowledgement of the pledge.

“A marriage is not mandatory, but necessary. Once married, you will not break the relationship on trivial matters. You will strive to make the marriage lasting and happy. You will strive for mutual respect for each other. There is time, but such a time will come,” Ms. Sinha said, while reiterating her advice to University authorities on the need for pre-marital counselling for students at the University premises itself.

“Pre-marital counselling is a necessity now. Youngsters need to know the art of making families work. If they have any doubts they should get clarifications so that there is longevity in marriages,” she said. Emphasising gender sensitivity, Ms. Sinha said, “At any time where you see an atrocity against girl or a woman, you shall strive to rescue her at the cost of your life. This is critical for protection of Indian culture. It is a very important pledge and I am happy that everyone is supporting it.”

Ms. Sinha who is an ambassador of the Swachch Bharat campaign, also urged students not to litter and also urged them to prevent others from doing that.

She also advised students, “Neither will you fall prey to addiction nor will you allow anyone to get addicted.”

Ms. Sinha added that today’s girl students were fortunate as the times are changing and the future belongs to women. However, she told them not to forget that with their success and achievements, expectations from family and society also would be more.

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