Gang of robbers attempt to steal ATM in Kurnool: Shoot at police, 2 arrested

On Thursday, the police arrested two members of a gang of Haryana robbers in Kurnool district.  The robbers fired three rounds at the police who tried to arrest the robbers. They tried to vandalize the SBI ATM at Balaji Nagar in Kurnool town. They tried to take the ATM with gas cylinder, cutters and sprayers. But at the same time the police reached the spot conducting patrolling. The thieves who spotted the police left the gas cylinder, cutters, sprayer and spanner and ran away.  The police tried to catch the fleeing robbers. At this time, the robbers fired three rounds at the police.   

The thieves parked the lorry they got near Balajinagar SBI ATM. The thieves thought to take the ATM machine in a lorry. The police reached the area at the time of destroying  ATM machine. The robbers fled after seeing the police.  After escaping, the police chased them for four hours and caught the two. 

The police say that the robbers fled towards Doan in the  lorry. The police arrested Mustafa and Taher, who belong to a gang of robbers from the state of Haryana.  They examined the two places where the shooting took place and searched for bullet caps.

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