Four of 349 new cases are contacts of U.K. returnees

Six returnees test positive so far; two more succumb to virus in State

The State has reported two more COVID-19 deaths and 349 new infections, taking the toll to 7,094 and the tally to 8,81,061.

The new infections included four contacts (three from Guntur and one from Nellore) of U.K. returnees, who had tested positive upon arrival recently. So far, six returnees tested positive. So far, 1,216 returnees and 3,282 contacts were identified and their samples being tested. Results of tests to identify the new strain were yet to be received.

Meanwhile, the number of active cases came down to 3,625 as 422 patients recovered in the last one day. The recovery rate increased to 98.79% with a total of 8,70,342 recoveries. The death rate remained at 0.81%. Each of the two new deaths were reported in Chittoor and Krishna districts, which had the highest toll of 840 and 664 respectively.

The positivity rate of the 46,386 samples tested in the last one day was 0.75%, and the overall positivity rate of the 1.16 crore samples tested so far was 7.58%.

At 2.17 lakh, the tests per million ratio continued to be highest among the major States.

Chittoor also reported the highest number of infections in the last one day. It was also the only district to see more than 100 new cases. Vizianagaram reported no new infection after several months.

Infection tally

The district-wise new infections tally was as follows: Chittoor (105), Krishna (67), Guntur (34), Anantapur (31), Visakhapatnam (28), East Godavari (27), Kadapa (17), Nellore (10), Prakasam (8), Srikakulam (8) and West Godavari (3).

The overall tallies were as follows: East Godavari (1,23,583), West Godavari (93,759), Chittoor (85,936), Guntur (74566), Anantapur (67279), Nellore (62,054), Prakasam (61,991), Kurnool (60,540), Visakhapatnam (59,054), Kadapa (54,915), Krishna (47,568), Srikakulam (45,913) and Vizianagaram (41,008).

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