Former minister moots LI to fill up Nizamsagar

It could stabilise 50,000 acres at low cost

Former minister P. Sudarshan Reddy has pointed out that if two motors are fixed at existing Ali Sagar LI Scheme or somewhere near for lifting just 2.5 tmcf water from the Package-20 of the Pranahitha-Chevella (Kaleswaram) project it would stabilize about 50,000 acres in Bodhan, Kotagiri, Varni, Mosra, Chandur and Yedapally mandals under the Nizamsagar Project as it has been badly affected as its flood yield drastically reduced over a period of time.

“It is very simple work for the government and can be completed with just ₹150 crore as the said package is nearing completion. Under the package Sri Ram Sagar back water will come through gravity in 19 kilometer tunnel from Binola up to Sarangapur and where if the two motors are fixed it can be pumped into the Nizamsagar main canal to give water above Alisagar and below it,” he explained.

The government would need a mere ₹20 crore for raising the wall both sides of the Nizamsagar main canal leading to Alisagar to keep away some poor families that have been living in semi permanent houses on the bund, and ₹130 crore for fixing motors would be required to bring an additional 50,000 acres under irrigation, he said and added that this was the simplest work. No major quantity of water was required as there was supporting system in the form of borewells and small tanks.

“Let the Godavari water come through the redesigned Pranahitha-Chevella which was christened as Kaleswaram to Nizamsagar and thereby stabilize its ayacut. It may take time and there are many doubts over its feasibility too as water has to be lifted over 600 ft to bring it to Mallannasagar there from to Pocharam project to Nizamsagar. If the water comes through this system it will be okay. But, if the package-20 is completed with an amount of just ₹150 crore it would be faster and easier to give water to 50,000 acres,” he said.

“I am suggesting it to government as a former Irrigation minister and out of experience on the eve of the arrival of Special Secretary in Chief Minister Office Smita Sabharwal to district to review the package tomorrow,” said Mr. Reddy at a press conference here on Sunday.

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