Facebook post linking Barcelona’s loss to Covid-19 triggers hilarious memes in soccer crazy Kerala district

Kozhikode district collector Sreeram Sambasiva Rao’s Facebook post warning people to follow Covid-19 protocol in letter and spirit otherwise it will be a big defeat like Spanish football club Barcelona FC hasn’t gone well with crazy football fans of the north Kerala district.

The German club Bayern Munich on Friday crushed Barcelona 8-2 to enter the semi-final of the UEFA championship league. Many Barca fans, especially that of Lionel Messi, retorted fiercely to the post but a majority defended it and the collector is having the last laugh as the message has gone well with the masses.

The Malayalam post with a photo of the crucial match says: “Prathirotham paliyal, 8inte pani kittum (if you won’t take enough precautions or defence, you will have to face consequences).”

Soon netizens took to social media with hilarious comments and memes taking anecdotes from movies. “If you want to take a driving licence you have to drive “H” and 8 ” (drive the vehicle in H and 8 shape),” said a meme opposing the collector’s post. But another meme showed Malayalam comedian Salim Kumar shedding tears and taking a dig at the Barcelona club captained by Messi.

At least 14,000 people shared the post within a few hours. Rao later said: “No ill-will against anyone. We want to convey a message and at least 70 per cent of them supported the post. It was only a social message posted in good spirit.”

Kozhikode’s football craze is well known. During the Soccer World Cup many fans will wear the jersey of their favourite players and some will be known after them till the tournament is over. And they love to name their new-born after their favourite players. There is a former corporation councillor Brasilia and there are enough Ronaldos and Mohamad Salahs here.

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