‘Ensure SPA’s victory in Nanguneri to herald grand victory in next Assembly poll’

Stalin says ‘corrupt’ AIADMK and its guardian BJP should be handed out a crushing defeat


DMK president M.K. Stalin has appealed to the voters to elect the Congress candidate with a huge margin in Nanguneri bypoll, which should herald the Secular Progressive Alliance’s resounding victory over the “corrupt AIADMK” in the next Assembly poll.

“Since the Edappadi Palaniswami-led AIADMK government is sticking to power with the blessings of the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Centre only to amass wealth through corruption, both the parties should be taught a fitting lesson in this bypoll,” Mr. Stalin said while canvassing votes for Congress candidate ‘Ruby’ R. Manoharan at Ervadi on Wednesday evening.

The DMK president targeted the State and the Central governments during his speech , saying the corrupt AIADMK, and its guardian, the BJP, should be handed out a crushing defeat in Nanguneri.

Former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, who retained power with the slender margin of 1.10% votes in 2016, never allowed the BJP to impose anti-Tamil projects and policies in Tamil Nadu. She never allowed the BJP to impose NEET or Hindi in Tamil Nadu, he said.

“However, Mr. Palaniswami-led government has allowed NEET, which is killing at least six meritorious students in Tamil Nadu every year while denying high-scoring students medical admission.

The ‘Edappadi government’, which is indulging only in corruption, collection and commission, allows the BJP’s anti-Tamil policies and the projects here as they cannot even question the Centre. If they dare to question Mr. Modi, every AIADMK Minister, including the Chief Minister and his deputy, would be behind the bars,” said Mr. Stalin.

He said AIADMK founder M.G. Ramachandran and Jayalalalithaa never sacrificed Tamil Nadu’s self-esteem at any point of time when they were in power.

Mr. Stalin listed the Muslim-friendly schemes introduced by his father and former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, and assured farmers of Thirukkurunkudi that the DMK, if voted to power, would establish a cold storage facility for banana and distribution of appropriate compensation for the crop loss caused by gale a couple of years ago. He also criticised the AIADMK government for not continuing the ₹369 crore Tamirabharani– Karumaeniyar– Nambiyar linking project initiated by the DMK government during 2006-2011.

While addressing the voters of Thirukkurunkudi, Mr. Stalin charged that all Ministers and MLAs were being given a hefty sum every month to extend the survival of this government.

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