Eloor burglary: Iron rod used for break-in found

A day after a major burglary in an Eloor-based jewellery was detected, the police team probing the case recovered an iron rod purportedly used to break into the shop, which was found abandoned in a nearby bush on Tuesday morning.

Based on the jewellery owner’s statement, the police have estimated that nearly 3 kilograms of gold ornaments and around 25 kilograms of silver ornaments are missing from the jewellery.

“We have intensified the probe. Our inference is that someone familiar with the structural details of the building have pulled it off,” said K. Laljy, Assistant Commissioner, Ernakulam.

The burglars seemed to have drilled a large hole in the back wall of the shop operating out of a rented room in a FACT shopping complex at Eloor. A single shop was partitioned into two with the owner running a salon connected to the jewellery.

The arrangement was such that entering one of the shops gave access to the other as well, which seems to have happened in the case as the burglars seems to have breached the wall to the salon. This has led the police to suspect that someone privy to this arrangement could have been behind it.

The police have suspicions about the quantum of ornaments claimed to have been missing though it could not be verified yet. The police are collecting CCTV footage from the neighbourhood and nearby areas though the CCTVs at the shop itself were found not operating.

The burglary is suspected to have taken place anytime between 7 p.m. on Saturday when the jewellery was shuttered and Monday morning when it was opened.

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