Driving safe during monsoon

Ariyalur District Police list out safety measures

With the onset of north-east monsoon, the Ariyalur District Police have advised the general public to adhere to safety measures to prevent rain-related accidents.

The district police have reached out to the travelling public through its official Facebook account, detailing a series of safety measures.

One of the simple measures spelt out by the law enforcers to the vehicle users was to keep the vehicle headlight on when lighting was poor during rains. This would enable the vehicle users to have a better view besides helping those coming in the opposite direction to easily identify the oncoming vehicle. The police have advised the drivers of four-wheelers and heavy goods vehicles to check the windscreen wipers to ascertain if they functioned properly prior to setting out on a journey. The drivers would have a better view during monsoon only if the windscreen wipers functioned properly.

If the driver felt that the vehicle was skidding on the road during rain, it was advisable not to use the accelerator and try to bring the vehicle under control instead. Another guideline required the vehicle users to drive at a lesser speed when there was a downpour since the danger of accidents was more during monsoon as compared to other seasons. It was better to avoid riding a two-wheeler on a road filled with stagnant water after heavy rains.

Yet another instruction urged vehicle users to avoid going closer to heavy goods carriers and to maintain a safe 10-metre distance. This would also help them to avoid getting splashed with stagnated water on the road. Vehicle users must also ensure that they drive the vehicle in such a manner that the stagnated water does not get splashed on pedestrians. They were also advised to remain careful while proceeding on speed breakers during heavy rains. Extreme caution should be taken while approaching curves on roads and while taking a turn. Applying sudden brake would result in losing control over the vehicle, which, in turn, could lead to accidents.

Vehicle users were asked to completely avoid speaking over mobile phone while driving as this could divert their attention. The Facebook post appealed to the vehicle users to strictly adhere to these simple measures to prevent accidents and ensure safe journey. Since the chances of two-wheeler and four-wheeler accidents during rainy season was more, the district police have spelt out these safety measures by taking the social media route with a view to preventing accidents, said the Superintendent of Police, Ariyalur, V. R. Srinivasan.

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