Doctor asked to pay compensation for negligence

Follow-up treatment of a minor boy post-circumcision goes wrong

Close to four years after a minor boy developed a urinary leak post-circumcision, a consumer forum took note of medical negligence and directed a doctor to pay ₹1 lakh as the cost of follow-up treatment and ₹50,000 as compensation.

The forum was dealing with a complaint filed by Waseem Hussain (name changed to protect identity) in which he said his one-year-old son was circumcised in April, 2015, using the ‘plastibell’ device. Less than a fortnight later, Mr. Hussain saw a ‘hole to the urethra’. His minor son, Mr. Hussain said, was experiencing urinary leakage on account of this.

The complainant stated that once he noticed this, his son was taken to doctor Imtiaz Ahmed, who administered stitches. Despite the follow-up, the complainant claimed that the problem persisted and urine started leaking from the hole near urethra. Mr. Hussain said he then took his son to another doctor, who said the latter was suffering from urethral fistula.

For his part, the counsel for Dr. Ahmed denied the allegations and stated that there has been no negligence during treatment. Stating that he has an experience of 30 years in performing such procedures, he said Mr. Hussain did not bring his son for treatment during the ‘post-outpatient period’. He also said after the separation of the ring, there were no such complications. There would be problems, he added, if the child was taken to ‘any unauthorised person’.

The forum said after taking note of certain documents furnished by the complainant as evidence, it was clear that the minor boy developed urethral fistula only after the circumcision. Apart from directing the respondent to pay follow-up treatment cost and compensation, ₹ 5,000 as costs were imposed on him.

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