Desk set up to track ‘missing persons’

An information desk was set up at the Singhu border to track down details of persons believed to be missing after January 26 violence. A team of advocates will work on the cases.

Advocate Simranjeet Kaur Gill who is among the lawyers who’ve got together for the project said that they have been informed that there are over 450 missing persons, however, they had collected information of only 250 persons by Monday afternoon.

“Announcements are also being made about informing farmer leaders or at the stage about missing people. We already have a list of people who have been arrested. We believe there are people who have been illegally detained,” she said.

Team of lawyers

A team of 150 lawyers will work on the cases and look for these people in police stations and will also track court proceedings after their arrest, the advocate said.

The Delhi police on Monday said that these were “rumours”. “There are various rumours being spread about illegal detention and missing farmers after the January 26 violence. The police has registered 44 cases and arrested 122 persons so far,” Delhi Police public relations officer Eish Singhal said. Details of these persons were also shared on the website.

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