Delhi mall to provide drive-in testing facilities

One has to make appointment on Dr. Dangs Lab site, provide relevant documents

Select Citywalk in collaboration with Dr. Dangs Lab is set to provide drive-in testing facilities for COVID-19, the group said on Friday.

In order to avail the facility, one is required to make an appointment on the Dr. Dangs Lab website and provide relevant documents and details of the car.

“Each station will have a dedicated sample collection officer for the procedure. The samples will be collected from inside the car by the designated medical officer,” the Select group said.

The entire process is estimated to be over in 10-12 minutes, said a statement issued by the group.

“The reports will be emailed and will be available on Dr. Dang’s website within 24-36 hours. Dr. Dang’s testing facilities for COVID-19 are government-approved and are at the government-mandated price.

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