Delay in completion of Kalavasal flyover worsens traffic congestion

It was supposed to be completed in October 2019


The delay in completion of Kalavasal flyover, which was supposed to be completed in October 2019, has increased traffic congestion and caused inconvenience to road users.

With worsening air quality and recurring accidents at the junction, the road users are demanding its faster completion.

The Kalavasal junction is where the Madurai-Theni highway and Madurai-Dindigul Bypass road meet. Currently, the four lane flyover is under construction at this junction on the Madurai- Dindigul Bypass Road.

Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami, while laying the foundation stone for the flyover in July 2018, said that the project would be completed in 15 months.

B. Raja, an autorickshaw driver, said that currently the congestion had peaked as vehicles had to pass through reduced carriageway due to the construction work.

“Raw materials, including gravel, mud and even constructed beams, are kept on the road, thus reducing the carriageway. On an average, it takes around 15 minutes to cross the junction during peak hours,” he said.

Though traffic snarls are common on all the four roads in the junction, the congestion at the Madurai-Theni highway is worse, complained a police official at the junction.

“During rush hours, vehicles stand up to Mudakkuchalai on one side of the Madurai-Theni highway and on the other side, vehicles wait up to Arasaradi. Managing traffic within the available space becomes an uphill task,” he said.

Among the road users the ambulance/emergency service vehicles are the worst affected, according to C. Boopathi, a shopkeeper.

“Though vehicle users try to make way for ambulances, their efforts become futile, as there is hardly any space left for vehicles to manoeuvre. Adding to this problem are share autorickshaws which occupy the entire left carriageway,” he complained.

The traffic police also added that he continued to experience coughing and breathing difficulties because of the dust pollution at the junction.

The frustrated vehicle users who hurriedly want to pass through the junction tend to violate rules and this causes a significant number of accidents every day, complained the traffic police.

The General Secretary of Madurai Consumer Protection Centre G. Muniasamy had filed a petition at Madurai Bench of Madras High Court over the delay in completion of the flyover.

“On an average around 1.42 lakh vehicles cross the junction every day. Hence, the work needs to be completed soon,” he said.

An official from the State Highways Department said that with 70% of work having been completed, the flyover will be ready by March 31. The official said that the delay in shifting electric poles was the major reason and hoped officials would be able to dedicate it to the public in about 60 to 75 days.

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