Decision on NEET, JEE must be taken with concurrence of students, says Sonia Gandhi

In separate video message, former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi says the government must listen to students on issue

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Friday said that the decision to hold NEET and JEE should be taken with the concurrence of students, while former party chief Rahul Gandhi said the government should have a conversation with students and decide on holding the exams only after arriving at a consensus.

“If any decision is to be taken regarding your future, it is important that it is taken with your concurrence,” Ms. Gandhi said in a video message.

In another video message, that is part of the Congress’ Speak Up for Students campaign, Mr. Gandhi said the government should have a conversation with students, listen to them and decide on holding the NEET and JEE exams only after developing a consensus.

“Everybody understands the mishandling of COVID, the way the epidemic has been handled..the devastation that has been caused, the economic destruction and the pain that this country has had to bear. Now, what I don’t understand is why you should be held responsible and why further pain should be imposed on you?” asked Mr. Gandhi in the video.

“I do not understand what you have done that is wrong. I can clearly see that the government has been incompetent. So why should the government force anything on you? It is important that the government listens to the students. They [the students] are wise and have the interest of the country at heart. And any decision that is made with regard to these exams is made is after a conversation and after a consensus has been developed,” he said.

The Congress leader said his message to the government was that it “should listen to the students and resolve the matter peacefully”.

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