Damage by the Earthquake.

Communications are reaching here [Calcutta] from Assam giving particulars of the damage done by the earthquake of the 8th instant [July]. A South Sylhet correspondent says: There is hardly a Bunglow left standing in the district of Kalighat. Mrs. Mumford, wife of the District Medical Officer, was killed by the falling walls of her own bungalow, some gardens have suffered more than others but not one of them has entirely escaped. Phulihpra divisional centre has suffered most as there does not appear to be a single building left standing. The factory is a gruesome sight and the whole three bungalows, splendid erections as they were, are lying flat. Balesera club is no more. All pucca bungalows in Deanston and Raighat divisions are ruined with the exception of Phulcherra. The stoppage of manufacture in the district will only be temporary.

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