Cyber crime: Retired police officer loses ₹6 lakh

A retired police official complained to the police that he lost ₹6.24 lakh from his bank account after his son shared the OTP with a caller who identified himself as an official from the State Bank of India.

According to the complaint filed with the Cyber Crime Police, the retired official said that a person claiming to be an official from the SBI called on his cell phone on March 4. His son picked up the call. The person said that ₹2 lakh was deducted from the account holder’s account and he (the official) required the OTP to reverse the amount to the account in the Bunder branch of SBI.

Believing this to be true, the son shared the OTP. A few minutes later, he received an SMS about money getting deducted from the account. On checking with the bank, the retired official found that that amount deducted from his account had been credited in different accounts in New Delhi.

The police have registered a case.

Another case

In another complaint filed with the Cyber Crime Police, the father of a research student from Mangaluru alleged that a professor from a university in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh harassed his daughter by posting a morphed photo of hers on social media.

The complainant said his daughter was pursuing her doctorate studies at Srinivas University in Mangaluru since 2019. Konduru Sudheer Kumar, a professor from Acharya Nagarjuna University, offered to be the co-guide in her research. The varsity rejected the proposal as he lacked the necessary qualifications. Kumar then started calling the student and started harassing her. He morphed a photograph of hers and posted it online, the complainant said. The police have registered a case and are investigating.

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