Corporation uses mosquito larvicidal oil to tackle mosquitoes


To tackle the problem of growing mosquito menace in the city during the monsoon season, the Madurai Corporation has started spraying mosquito larvicidal oil in stormwater channels in the city.

On Friday, the Health officials led by City Health Officer (in-charge) S. Vinoth Raja sprayed the oil in Anupanadi and Chithamani channels.

He said that the oil will be effective against the breeding of ‘nuisance mosquito, which breeds on contaminated water.

When the oil is sprayed on the water surface, it forms a continuous thin film which would cut off the oxygen supply from water and kill the mosquito larvae. “The oil spread will also discourage the adult mosquitoes from laying eggs,” he said.

M. Rajesh, assistant professor of Zoology at American College said that the oil will be effective in reducing the breeding of mosquitoes if they are regularly sprayed. “They must form a separate team in all the areas to continuously monitor and spray the oil periodically,” he said.

He, however, explains that the stagnation of water in the channels is the main reason for mosquito breeding. Residents must not dump garbage and other waste in the water channels to ensure a continuous flow of water, he added.

Another point of concern is that the oil spread on the water surface might be disturbed if it rains or if the water overflows.

Mr. Vinoth Raja said that a team of 25 Health Department workers would be deployed in all the four zones of the Corporation to spray the oil in the water channels one a week.


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