Congress Propaganda Work.

At the instance of the Madras Congress Propaganda Committee, Mr. Satyamurty undertook a trip to some of the places in the south for the purpose of delivering lectures on the present political situation. The tour lasted 16 days. The subjects treated were such as “the Present Political Situation”, the “Curtis Scheme” and “Satyagraha or Passive Resistance”. On the whole, he delivered 16 lectures at 11 places. Except two lectures all were in Tamil; he found wherever he went eager, enthusiastic, and earnest audiences. The audiences varied from 200 to 2,000. He had the most enthusiastic audiences at Kallidaikurichi, Ambasamudram, Tuticorin, Madura, Dindigul and Tanjore. On the whole he addressed nearly 10,000 people in his tour.

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