Coastline turns dumpyard for non-degradable waste

Even as the Tourism Department is going ahead with a number of beach beautification projects to improve sightseer flow to the district, the absence of a dedicated surveillance team to safekeep the renovated amenities from miscreants and polluters remains a big challenge.

The unguarded Puthiyappa-South Beach coastline is emerging as the safest dumping zone for non-degradable plastic trash and bundles of biodegradable waste from slaughterhouses and shops.

Though the appointment of guards is highlighted as a priority area for the safekeeping of amenities, shortage of funds continues to hold back the project. Moreover, the services of security guards are available only at a few spots, where vandalism and excess dumping of waste remain under close check. The other important spots remain neglected despite demands raised by MLAs and local representatives.

The latest study report of the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) reveals that uncontrolled waste dumping along the coastline is causing huge damage to the environment and increasing toxic content in water.

To highlight the danger, CWRDM scientists with the support of various organisations had even carried out a mass cleaning drive along the coastline, recovering around 10.5 tonnes of waste including plastic and other non-degradable materials.

The drive was carried out with the support of around 600 volunteers


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