Chennai Corporation collects ₹26.4 lakh in fines for dumping of garbage, debris in public

This comes after the civic body designated specific locations for the dumping of construction debris in the city

The Greater Chennai Corporation has intensified enforcement of solid waste management (SWM) rules, collecting a fine of ₹26.4 lakh from violators, so far.

After announcing the 15 locations designated for dumping of construction debris, the civic body has started the collection of fines from those who continue to dump debris as well as garbage in public spaces.

A total of ₹12.75 lakh fine has been collected from individuals responsible for dumping of debris in public spaces. Overall, ₹13.63 lakh in fines has been collected in the city from those who dumped garbage.

On Tuesday, dumping of construction debris was identified by officials at seven locations in Adyar zone. A total of 30 locations with construction debris were identified across the city. With regard to solid waste, a total of 188 individuals were found dumping solid waste on Tuesday, and a fine amount of ₹92500 was collected from them for violating SWM rules — Alandur zone registered the largest number of cases of garbage dumping and highest amount of fine imposed.

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