Car goes amok, five injured


N. Udhayakumar of Aruppukottai, a driver, carrying four youths knocked down five persons including motorists and pedestrians with a speeding car on North Veli Street on Friday.

The police have picked him up and his friends. They said the youths who were studying in different colleges had come to the city for a party hosted by one of them for having bought a new high-speed motorbike. After reportedly consuming liquor at a hotel near Railway junction, the car had come in high speed mowing down one after the other road users between the Simmakkal outpost and the traffic signal at Chokkanathar temple junction late in the evening.

Only after hitting another car, the car stopped at the traffic junction, the police said.

Five persons, including a bike-rider, a cyclist and two pedestrians had sustained bleeding injuries. An elderly man sustained head injuries and his nose was badly damaged. Three of them were admitted to the hospital. An angry mob reportedly assaulted the driver and others. Police intervened and took them into their custody. Their car was completely damaged in the accident.

Traffic Investigation Wing police are investigating into the incident.

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