Bring out white paper on demonetisation, GST, Gehlot tells PM

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot has demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi brings out a white paper to apprise the public about the impact of demonetisation and goods and services tax (GST), and called upon the Centre to take corrective measures to address alleged shortcomings in some of its policies.

“The country is facing unemployment and the youth are resenting, which was visible in Bihar elections. The states aren’t getting their due under the GST, which is a betrayal by the government of India and unjustified in a federal system,” Gehlot said, addressing a virtual press conference.

“Demonetisation was a dangerous decision, implemented in a dangerous manner. This is the way of the PM, be it demonetisation or GST. Farm bills were introduced without consulting farmers, states or taking public opinion, which is fascistic,” he told reporters, while observing the fourth anniversary of demonetisation as “Vishwasghaat Diwas” (Betrayal Day).

“That is why we say that democracy is in danger and we are observing today as the Betrayal Day,” he said.

Gehlot questioned if the demonetisation exercise had achieved its intended objective.

“You should inform the country whether money from Swiss banks was brought back, black money, terrorism and Naxalism were eliminated in the last four years after demonetisation,” Gehlot said, adding that RBI has said that 99.3% of the money has returned to the banks.

“The Prime Minister is required to issue a white paper to inform people about the impact of demonetisation, GST and rectify the mistakes done. People of the country are worried where the economy is headed to,” Gehlot said in a stinging attack.

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He alleged that in the last four years, farmers, labourers, small traders were destroyed and the rural economy collapsed. Calling electoral bonds a scam, he said bonds were brought to favour a party and should be abolished.

Gehlot said, “Rs 20 lakh crore package announced by the Centre as relief during the Covid-19 crisis did not prove to be of any use.”

On the ongoing Gujjar agitation, the CM said that a majority of their demands have been met, but despite that some people’s act of sitting on railway tracks is not in the interest of the community. “The government will do justice with the demands but sitting on tracks in the name of demands is unjustified,” said Gehlot

BJP spokesperson Mukesh Pareek said the Congress has a habit of needlessly questioning Centre’s decisions. “Entire world is affected by the coronavirus and the Centre is constantly working in the interest of poor, labourers and farmers, which is resulting in strengthening of the economy,” he said.

“In the last one month, the Centre has received record GST revenue; the economy is improving and the production is increasing. The Congress is just making baseless allegations, which public time and again has rejected,” Pareek said.

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