BJP demands ₹25L compensation for TS farmers who committed suicide

Seeks bonus of ₹500 per quintal for paddy farmers

Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar demanded Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to give ₹25 lakh compensation to farmers who had committed suicide in the last seven years and also declare a bonus of ₹500 per quintal to paddy farmers.

“Mr. Rao is welcome to give ₹3 lakh compensation to Punjab farmers but why ignore the travails of farmers here? Are they not Telangana people? Was any kind of compensation paid to farmers who had faced losses due to natural calamities or due to the maladministration of this government ever?,” he sought to know at a press conference on Sunday.

The BJP leader pointed out that as per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), TS stands fourth with 419 farmer suicides in 2019 and 471 in 2020. “This is only due to KCR’s arrogant nature and flimsy policies. Did he even utter a single word offering condolences to the grieving families during farmer deaths or youngsters committing suicides due to lack of employment opportunities,” he questioned.

He urged the Chief Minister to focus on paddy procurement on a war footing marshalling the officials concerned even if the produce has been soiled in the unseasonal rains to provide succour to the beleaguered farmers. “We have been crying ourselves hoarse about the pitiable plight of paddy farmers lying in wait for the procurement to begin before Dasara itself but the CM took it as an affront,” he said.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar said that KCR had initially opposed, then supported and now, opposed the withdrawn farm laws. “The CM can go to Delhi for whatever grandiose plans on his agenda, but let him first be concerned about the farmers’ plight here as rains are not going to vanish. He held a protest for paddy procurement but is claiming it was against farm laws. Who is he trying to fool?” he added.

The Centre has already communicated to the government about purchasing 40 lakh metric tonnes this season and more if need be, as per the arrivals to the procurement centres. “The next season’s crop procurement can be discussed in February. Why is procurement a big issue only in TS? And, why is Mr. Rao claiming he will purchase every grain after trying to put the blame on the Centre,” he asked.

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