Bigg Boss beauty signs two web dramas

Bigg Boss is a stage that can give anyone so many opportunities if handled carefully. However, Bigg Boss Telugu hasn’t been as successful as it was in the other languages to the contestants. They might get hefty remunerations but Bigg Boss hasn’t been a platform for them to build their career except for a few.

However, Divi Vadthya who has been a contestant in Season 4 has been eliminated recently. She has got huge recognition while she was in the Bigg Boss. However, with no active participation or many other reasons, Divi has been eliminated.

However, her elimination has done so much good for her. She is being flooded with offers. As per the latest information, Divi has signed two web dramas and a lot more are in the offing.

It is said that a couple of filmmakers are interested to sign in her films. We have to wait and see whether she can use this opportunity or not.

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