‘Avoid police barricades in Delhi during peak hours’

Such pickets cause traffic jams and inconvenience to commuters

Delhi Police Commissioner S.N. Shrivastava issued an order to avoid putting non-permanent police pickets with barricades during peak hours, which lead to traffic jam causing inconvenience to commuters.

The order dated December 25 stated that police barricades on roads for the purpose of checking, at times result in huge traffic jams which causes inconvenience to commuters and also hampers the movement of emergency vehicles.

“In the interest of public at large, it is desired that putting of non-permanent police pickets, with barricades, during peak hours should be avoided, unless under specific instructions from senior officers,” the order from the Police Commissioner’s office stated.

It also stated that pickets should be removed depending on the flow of traffic. “Whenever such pickets are under operation and the policemen on picket duty observe that the checking has caused a traffic jam, the picket should be immediately loosened to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Generally speaking, the jam should not exceed 6-7 metres,” it stated.

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