‘AI, big data will require 5.1 lakh people in 2018’

Nasscom sees skills shortage at 1.4 lakh

The demand for artificial intelligence and big data analytics roles will touch 5.11 lakh by the end of 2018, while people with the skills will number only 3.7 lakh, according to the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom). Demand is expected to rise to 7.86 lakh by 2021.

Sectors that will first see impact in the use of these technologies are healthcare, retail, telecom and manufacturing.

“Priority focus for us would be reskilling the workforce in AI and big data,” Debjani Ghosh, president, Nasscom said.

“Of the 4 million jobs in the industry, the nature of 60-65% is likely to change over the next five years.”

Nasscom’s goal for the next five years is to reskill one million professionals and impart skills to one million potential employees and students in emerging technologies.

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