Mary and Sudha were like peas in a pod. They were full of beans and egged each other on to do mischief that often landed them in a soup. One day, they decided to do something new. They left home without telling their parents. They ran and ran till they were far from home. Soon they were lost. “Oh, no, we are now in a pickle!” said Mary. “Looks like running away from home is not our cup of tea,” said Sudha. “Maybe we should remain as couch potatoes,” laughed Mary. “Promise not to egg me on to do it again,” said both at the same time and laughed again.

They decided to go home and spill the beans about their disappearance to their parents. “I have to butter up mom before I break the news,” said Sudha. “Let us not be bad eggs, but continue to be the apples of our parents’ eyes.”

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