Aavin’s consumer card system to become more flexible

Aavin plans to revamp the consumer card system through which seven lakh litres of milk are being supplied in the city daily. It is now looking at an online and a mobile app-based renewal system.

At present, Aavin sells consumer cards between the 1st and 15th of every month and the card is used for a month. Like bus passes, the Aavin card too is punched daily by persons manning milk booths. There are a total of 900-odd milk delivery points across the city.

"The idea is to do away with the physical card so that consumers need not have to go to booths or zonal offices for renewal. Since everyone has a smart phone these days, online renewals would be more convenient," said a senior official of Aavin. "We are planning to let consumers buy milk for any number of days. If they don’t want milk for a certain number of days too, the system will allow them to do so," he added.

However, a milk delivery man said that doing away with the physical cards would not be very convenient. None of the delivery point personnel are educated and it would be difficult to use an app to track milk sale. "It should be tried out in a small way and then done in phases may be," he said.

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