103rd anniversary of November Revolution observed

The 103rd anniversary of November Revolution was observed at the district office of the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) in Dharwad on Saturday.

Member of the district secretariat of SUCI-C Gangadhar Badiger hoisted the flag, while another member Laxman Jadagannavar offered tributes to Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Badiger said Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were able to establish a socialist society free of exploitation and oppression for the first time in history through the November Revolution.

With the establishment of socialist government, Soviet Russia was able to achieve economical, social, political and cultural progress. All types of inequalities were alleviated and people were provided free education, healthcare, housing, and other basic amenities, he said.

Mr. Jadagannavar said that now across the globe capitalism had affected the public and SUCI-C was trying hard to build a social revolution.

The November Revolution was a source of inspiration for all those who believed in socialist values, he said.

Members of district secretariat Bhuvana, Deepa, Sharanabasava Gonawar, Ramesh Hosamani, Madhulata Goudar, Bhavanishankar, and others were present.

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