1,000 tonnes of milling copra to be procured

The State government would procure 1,000 tonnes of milling copra at the regulated market in Vadipatti at ₹99.60 a kg, said Madurai Market Committee secretary V. Mercy Jeyarani.

She said that a notification was received on Thursday regarding the procurement of copra from farmers under the Price Support Scheme. The regulated market committee, in coordination with the Agricultural Marketing department, would procure the copra from farmers on behalf of the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India.

The procurement price announced by the government for this year was ₹ 99.60 a kg for milling copra and ₹103 for ball copra – marginally higher than the previous year’s rates of ₹95.21 and ₹99.2 respectively.

Coconut had been raised on 11,000 hectares of Vadipatti, Kottampatti, Alanganallur and Melur blocks of Madurai district.

“By procuring at a higher rate, the government wants to ensure that the farmers earn good profits. Also, this will help increase the wholesale prices of copra in the open market, which will benefit the farmers,” said Ms. Mercy Jeyarani.

The marginal increase in procurement price of copra would definitely benefit farmers, said S. Manimaran, vice-chairman of T.Vadipatti Integrated Farming System Farmers Producer Company. “Despite a high demand, farmers are unable to fetch good profits and are forced to sell a kg of milling copra for a maximum of ₹85,” he said.

But it must be ensured that the rate remained at theis price throughout the year, he added.

T. Perumal, national secretary, Bharathiya Kisan Sangh, said though the marginal price rise was welcomed, it would be better if the government procured copra at ₹130.

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