Vakapalli case trial adjourned

The DSP, CID, on Monday informed the Visakhapatnam SC/ST (POA) Act Special Court that the Paderu Magistrate rejected to take the material objects in the Vakapalli case trial. While doing so, the Paderu Magistrate had noted that the material objects needed to be submitted along with form 66, which has the description of the objects.

The Special Court Judge of Visakhapatnam instructed the DSP, CID, to prepare the form 66 by opening the sealed box from TSFSL (Telangana State Forensic Science Laboratory) in the presence of two respectable witnesses as ‘panchas’ and then submit the material objects to the Paderu Court along with the form. The case is adjourned to October 30 for fixation of schedule. The Judge emphasised that the material objects should be submitted to the Paderu Court before October 30.

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