‘ Too many A certificates’

Alleging that the Regional Office of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Karnataka was according A Certificate ‘recklessly’ to Kannada films, producers have demanded intervention by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC). Representatives of Kannada Film Producers’ Association met KFCC president S.A. Chinne Gowda, and alleged that CBFC was ‘unnecessarily’ handing ‘A’ certificate, but producers were not given an opportunity to defend their films. “25 producers have registered their complaints in writing,” said Bha. Ma. Harish, General Secretary, KFCC.

According to KFCC, of the 133 films censored from January to June 2018, 41 have got an ‘A’ certification and 57 got U/A certification.

Producer and exhibitor Umesh Banakar told
The Hindu
, “The number of films being certified under ‘A’ category is increasing.”

Filmmakers cite
, a children’s film, as a case study. It was initially given an ‘A’ certificate. When contested, the revising committee gave U/A certificate without asking for cuts or muting dialogues, said R. Ravindra, the film’s director.

D.N. Sreenivasappa, Regional Officer CBFC, dismissed the allegation as a ‘non-issue’. He said, “We certify films as per provisions of the Acts, rules and guidelines in force.”

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