Song that covered miles online

It is not just enough to have loads of talent to make it big. You need luck too.

Rakesh, a 30-year-old daily wage worker hailing from Nooranad in Alappuzha district, never imagined that he would attain fame overnight.

A video of him singing ‘
Unnai Kaanadhu Naan
’ from Kamal Hassan-starrer
in a mellifluous voice, has taken the social media and the Internet by storm.

It is not only netizens, but also many big names in the industry, including Shankar Mahadevan, who sang the original, composers Gopi Sundar and Balabhaskar, among others, have become Rakesh’s fans.

Call from Kamal

He even got a call from a personal staff of Kamal Hassan conveying the actor’s desire to meet him in person.

Shankar Mahadevan shared the video and posted on Twitter: “This is called fruit of labour! When we hear this, it just makes me feel so so proud of our country that produces so much talent and is so rich in culture. Who is this guy??? How can I trace him? Need help & would like to work with him.”

During a break

Rakesh, alias Unni, says it was his friend Shameer who recorded him singing his favourite song during a break between work last week.

“I am a rubber tree logger and load and unload logs. Last week, we were taking rest and one of my friends asked me to sing a song. I was a little bit hesitant, but my friends urged me to sing a song. I sang a song from
. Shameer recorded it and posted it on social media. It was shared by musician Pandalam Balan and has since gone viral. I have never expected it,” he says.

No formal training

Rakesh, who has not received any formal training in music, says that he would like to work with the greats who appreciated him. “I have received many calls and messages, including from some of the greats in the music industry,” he says.

Who is this guy??? How can I trace him? Need help & would like to work with him.

Shankar Mahadevan


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