Skin reaction patient treated in GGH

A 23-year old woman, who has suffered a reaction on her skin, has been given a new lease of life at Government General Hospital here.

Swathi, a resident of Paritala village in Krishna district, was admitted at the Department of Dermatology, GGH on May 26 with a rare skin disorder, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, a condition which causes rash, peeling of skin and forming ulcers in mouth and infection in reproductive organs.

A team of doctors led by Head of Department, S. Nageswaramma, began treating her after diagnosing that she suffered a deadly reaction after an injection given for patients suffering from epilepsy.

She was admitted at the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre, Guntur.

ADRA card

Further, she was treated and given a Adverse Drug Reaction Alert Card which gives prior information to doctors treating her about the possibilities of reaction to injections.

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