Rainbow colours Bhopal road

A large number people marched down the busy Link Road No. 1 in Bhopal , waving rainbow flags and holding placards that read “ I am me, no excuses, no regrets”, celebrating the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) community.

The event on Sunday was the pride march in which the LGBTQI community members participated in bright-coloured clothes. Spectators lined the parade route from Amer Bakery Hut (a busy eating joint right at the centre of the State capital) to Shourya Smarak, a war memorial.

“I am joining the parade to support the LGBTQI community which has failed to get acceptance in our society… They become objects of disgust,” Jhanvi Chouhan said. Her friend Hashita C said, “This is a boost to so many who have had to hide. They [LGBTQI] are also human beings who should get positive energy in our society.”

The event was joined by social activists and educationists. Some men sported rainbow paints on their cheeks while others turned out in traditional ghagra-choli dress.

Dr. Rahul Sharma, clinical psychologist, National Health Mission (M.P.), supports the LGBTQI and the organisations working among them, but felt that the community members and activists should play a larger role among other sections of society. The community members are demanding freedom for the Queer community without being subject to prejudice and violence.

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