Puducherry govt. not allowed to discharge its duties: Wasnik

All India Congress Committee general secretary and in charge of party affairs in Puducherry, Mukul Wasnik, on Tuesday said the elected government in Puducherry should be allowed to discharge its duties.

Talking to reporters at the end of the executive committee meeting of the PCC, he said the elected government in Puducherry, which had the will of the people, was not allowed to discharge its duties by none other than the person in charge of protecting the Constitution here.

“Such a person is being a hurdle in discharging the duties of an elected government in Puducherry. We are here in full strength to support the government and expect that the government be allowed to discharge its duties,” he said.

Mr. Wasnik also charged that the BJP-led NDA had failed on various fronts. The budget allocation for UGC had been slashed by 67% . Similarly, agricultural growth had slowed down and 24 farmers were committing suicide every day, he said.

Around 15,000 farmers had committed suicide since this government came to power in 2014. Agricultural exports had gone down while imports had gone up, he said.

Mr. Wasnik said the atmosphere in the country was being vitiated by the action of a few Central Ministers. Till January, 17 incidents of lynching were reported and over 30 persons killed. But the Prime Minister and the BJP president were maintaining silence over them, he alleged.

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