‘PM has failed to protect interests of Dalits, backward groups’

Kurukshetra Lok Sabha MP and BJP leader Raj Kumar Saini has said the Dalits and the backward communities had voted overwhelmingly for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the previous elections but he failed to protect their interests and succumbed to pressure from a handful of people during Jat reservation agitation in Haryana.

Mr. Saini has already announced that he will float a political party to contest the upcoming parliamentary and Assembly elections in Haryana. Speaking to
The Hindu
, Mr. Saini said all political parties, including the BJP, had exploited the Dalits and the backward communities as a vote bank and what they were given were just false assurances.

“Though the Supreme Court supported the contention of the OBCs against reservation for Jats, unfortunately the BJP opposed us and made a promise to give reservation to the Jats. It, thus, dawned upon us that the Dalits and the backward classes are only used as vote banks. We are now compelled to fight for our rights and interests on our own and form a political party,” said Mr. Saini.

He said the people in Haryana were unhappy over the manner in which the five Chief Ministers of the State had discriminated even against the forward classes, including the Brahmins, Baniyas, Punjabis and Rajputs, to benefit their own people and a particular community.

‘Hum Do, Humare Do’

He said former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda even tried to encroach upon the OBC reservation share by giving reservation to the Jats, but it was then turned down by the Supreme Court.

All set to float his party next month, Mr. Saini said that if voted to power he will implement 100% reservation in jobs for all communities as per the population ratio, increase MGNREGA scheme to 300 days a year, bring in the policy of ‘
Hum Do, Humare Do
’, and shut down all useless schemes for the development of women and children, midday meal, and free and subsided ration to the poor.

Instead of giving doles, he said the government should give employment to the people. He also said there was an urgent need to control the population to eradicate poverty, and that benefits of all government programmes and schemes should be stopped for those not adhering to the ‘
Hum Do, Humare Do’

Mr. Saini, who was accused of making unsavoury remarks against the Jats and their leaders, denied the charges saying not a single such remark was on record. He said he even had the support of Jats and those who believed in his vision would vote for him.

He said the present BJP government had failed to rein in corruption and bureaucracy in the State. Mr. Saini said large-scale illegal mining in his own constituency proved that the Haryana BJP government had failed to control corruption.

He added that despite a majority government being in place in the State, the police stations were set afire, markets were plundered and the Army had to be called in to control the situation, adding that it could not have been the situation if the State government had control over the bureaucracy.

… Dalits and the backward classes are only used as vote banks. We are now compelled to fight for our rights and interests on our own ….

Raj Kumar Saini

Kurukshetra Lok Sabha MP and BJP leader

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