Mumbai garment trader booked for raping, cheating house help

A 64-year-old Andheri-based garment trader has been booked for allegedly raping and cheating his 40-year-old house help. A case was registered on November 12 at Amboli police station after police received a written application from the complainant.

The woman told police that she used to work as a house help for the accused since the last eight years. The accused allegedly told the woman that he had a sexual relationship with his previous house help and had gifted a flat in Andheri. He offered the complainant the same on multiple occasions.

In 2018, the woman booked a flat in a slum rehabilitation authority (SRA) building for ₹21 lakh. She had ₹17 lakh with her and needed another ₹4 lakh to purchase the flat. The woman asked the accused for help and he loaned her ₹4 lakh and kept the house documents collateral. The woman allegedly returned the money in two years and demanded her house documents back.

An officer from Amboli police station said, “The accused allegedly used to sexually assault the woman and feared that if he returned her documents, she would stop working for him.”

The complainant then approached Amboli police station and registered a complaint. “We have filed a first information report (FIR) and are investigating the case,” said the officer.

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