Monuments reopen, heritage tourism looks up in Lucknow

Things have begun to look up for heritage tourism in Lucknow since monuments reopened after the Covid-19 lockdown. Officials said there is a considerable rise in footfall as people are visiting heritage structures to beat the lockdown blues. The number of visitors is expected to increase.

“The Bada Imambada is one of most preferred destinations for tourists…it seems the monument continues to attract visitors even in times of pandemic,” said deputy superintending archaeologist Manoj Saxena.

The Imambada and other heritage sites were closed on March 17 in view of the Covid pandemic.

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On November 1, 1,985 tourists visited the monument. “In October, around 27,600 tourists visited the Bada Imambada, which is much above expectations. However, all were domestic tourists,” said an official in charge of ticketing at the Imambada.

The Imambada reopened for the public in September after a closure of nearly 190 days. Only 100 tourists can visit the monument at a time.

There has also been an increase in tourists visiting the Residency, the other preferred destination in the city. “In October, around 4,485 tourists, including one foreigner, visited this place,” said Saxena.

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